At Pine Point, we’re committed to minimizing our environmental and social footprint.

Environmental Policy

We minimize our impact on the environment through:

  • Protection of the environment as an integral part of our activities
  • Ensuring that stakeholders potentially affected by impacts are consulted and informed of our environmental objectives and performance
  • Aiming for continuous improvement by implementing an environmental management program once the mine is approved
  • To meet or exceed regulatory requirements minimizing new disturbance to the extent possible
  • Monitoring our impact on the environment using baseline studies to assess changes
  • Developing emergency action plans to mitigate the negative effects of unplanned events
  • Raising environmental awareness by providing employees with the appropriate training and tools to prevent environmental risks and respond effectively to any incidents
  • Ensuring efficient use of natural resources and consumer goods such as water and energy
  • Minimizing our emissions to air, water, and soil, including the generation of waste, the production of greenhouse gases and looking for opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Restoring the sites we disturb to ensure physical and chemical stability through progressive rehabilitation measures and regularly updating closure plans and ensuring financial assurances are in place
  • Where feasible, restoring disturbances created by historical activities at the site